How To: Create a Unique and Original Event

We know planning an event can be hard-work with increasing pressure to create fresh and new experiences. How do you deliver something that resonates with your guests and feels unique and original? Creativity and a strong plan-of-action are key.

Many people turn to interesting themes to upgrade their event or wedding day but there are other ways to spark your guests’ imagination too. From technology to interactivity, we’ve got amazing ideas to transform your day.


Be Playful

There are so many entertainment options, it can be difficult to choose! Go for the unexpected and think of fun ways you can engage and interact with your guests. Hire a bouncy castle for adults, play laser tag and let your inner child run wild.

If your event calls for a little sophistication, dress to impress, and host a dramatic fashion show. This is perfect for corporate settings as it provides the perfect opportunity to support a charity close to your heart. Get-together, be playful and raise money for a great cause.


Make Your Guests Feel Special

Let your guests know how much they mean to you through thoughtful invitations. This can instantly set the tone of your event and excite your guests. Think of ways to personalise your invitations as this will show the recipient you care.

Thank and celebrate your guests at the event through an awards ceremony! Make your guests chuckle or pull at their heartstrings through personal awards and gifts. These kind tokens make superb favours too.


Create an Experience

Involve your guests through whimsical and wonderful experiences. Form an event narrative through edible art installations, a classical murder-mystery or a yoga masterclass. Experiential events are amazing for smaller, intimate guest-lists. This is because it allows you to focus on the finest details to ensure everyone feels involved.


Introduce Expertise

You have the creative vision to create a spectacular event but this takes time - and you know it! Why not collaborate with a professional event planner to realise your vision and bring your dreams to life. Event planners have an amazing network of suppliers and have the expertise to keep your event on track.

Build your dream team with support to fit your needs. At Florence & Vera Events, we can assist you at any stage, providing you with expertise, supplier knowledge and design support. Our experience and knowledge let’s us provide a holistic service. Let us support you with your styling and planning needs, pop us a message today!

With love,