3 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Stylist

The wedding industry is constantly evolving with the times, trends are changing, and couples are always looking for creative ways to say '“I do”! Today, a wedding stylist is so much more than someone who defines your aesthetic, our services are accessible and can be tailored to suit every bride. The stylist’s role is similar to an event designer and we approach our work with an impeccable eye for detail.

So you’re planning your wedding - there’s unlimited possibilities to consider - why should you take time to find a stylist? Here are our 3 reasons why you need their valuable expertise to steer your wedding day.

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Stockport Plaza - A Deco Decadence Wedding

Every wedding is a show to behold; a romantic narration of two worlds colliding. The electric atmosphere between our bride and groom (Nina and Zakk) was heightened by a theatrical venue. The shoot brought together a team of North West wedding heroes at Stockport’s iconic Plaza. Kate McCarthy had the pleasure of photographing the models on their wedding day in 2017; it was a beautiful reunion! She was eager to celebrate their return to England from Sweden with the best local talent and this included Florence & Vera Events! We had so much fun co-ordinating and styling this edgy shoot.

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How To: Create a Unique and Original Event

We know planning an event can be hard-work with increasing pressure to create fresh and new experiences. How do you deliver something that resonates with your guests and feels truly unique and original? Creativity and a strong plan-of-action are key.

Many people turn to interesting themes to upgrade their event or wedding day but what else can you do to spark your guests imaginations? From technology to interactivity, we’ve got amazing ideas to transform your day.

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